Thursday, January 12, 2012

Swamp Horror, Rok, and Exemplar Errants Previews

Privateer Press gave us three presents today, the Swamp Horror, Rok, and Exemplar Errants. We could have expected the first two, but the third was a complete surprise! Plastic, for a full 10 man unit, for cheaper than the metal models? Hell yes! That's awesome.

First up is the Swamp Horror...
I really like the model except that it is a little small for the base compared to the artwork. I really expected this model to be a pain on the table due to it spilling over the base, but this ended up not being the case at all. In the end, I'd rather have it be able to get into base-to-base contact rather than trying to get into range with arms all over.

Next up is Rok...
With Rok, the axe actually really looks to be beefy. This model is pretty good looking for a character upgrade kit on a plastic model. I'm happy to be buying this model when the kits are released.

Last up is the best, Exemplar Errants...
New sculpts, plastic models, for $50! 6 men used to cost $40! Getting 4 guys for cheap and new, good looking models is a great thing. Privateer Press has given us something awesome with these Errants. I look forward to picking up my 3rd unit of Errants for Unbound.

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  1. Leave it to PP to put out a boxset cheaper with more models......I hope GW picked up on this.