Monday, January 23, 2012

Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen Preview

Privateer Press opened the online store for the upgrade kit for the Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen UA. This is really cool that Privateer has given us a second use for the same unit with different abilities. I think players will really like the versatility of it. One big issue for players will be tournament readiness of the models. I know personally that I'll be stopping anyone from playing the Black Dragon Pikemen at an event I run unless the entire unit that's being fielded has the correct shields, as per the SR2012 conversion rules.
From Privateer's site:

The Khador Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen Unit Upgrade is NOT a complete model. The upgrade contains:

  • 12 Black Dragon shields
  • 1 Black Dragon Banner
  • 1 Black Dragon UA stat card
  • Players will need a Khador Iron Fang Pikemen Unit (PIP 33018) and a Khador Iron Fang Pikemen Officer and Standard Bearer Unit Attachment (PIP 33027) in addition to this upgrade.
    It costs $14.99 USD for the upgrade kit. You can order them at

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