Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Painted Sentry Stone & Mannikins

I posted the WIP on the Sentry Stone on the first, here's the full group of Mannikins and Sentry Stone. As I'm going with a desert/sandstone feel for my constructs, I figured red/orange would highlight away from the green that the wolds use. The plants are an interesting point on these models, drawing the eyes away from the head and arms to the chest and joints. The Mannikins are painted with the same wood technique as the wolds.

Sentry Stone and its pet Mannikins
The red gem on the top of the Sentry Stone is used to show which Manikins are its. I'll be using an orange/yellow for my second set so the leaves and gem will match.

I just noticed that I have the wrong head on one of the Mannikins, resulting in duplicate heads. I'm not sure how I'll fix that.
All of the models I've painted in the last few days

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