Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Collection (1/4/12)

This is the entire collection, as of 1/4/12. I'm probably still missing some models that have been lent out to friends.
Mercs 1
Legion 1
Legion 2/Circle
IK/Mercs 2/Khador
Thornfall/Minions 1
Blindwater/Minions 2
Trollbloods and Tokens
Protectorate 1
Most of the Warcasters/Warlocks
Cryx 1
Searforge, Cygnar 1, Skorne
Cygnar 2
Protectorate 2
Cases of Minis
Little Case
Cryx Tray 1
Cryx Tray 2
Retribution Bigger Models
Retribution Infantry
The cases are what I bring to the store regularly. The little box is for 35-50 point armies I want to try out. It is a lot of fun trying to store all of these models.

Oh, and the unassembled piles:


  1. *applaud*

    I approve!

    Now get painting!

  2. Hey buddy! Just because my goal is 1/4th yours doesn't mean I don't paint! ;) I'm working on it, honest.

  3. lol..
    Its funny how much $$$$ worth of minis you have not even assembled.

  4. You don't have issues, you have a whole subscription!

  5. Do you own a oil well o_O