Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Painted Lord of the Feast - WIP

One of the original character solos for Hordes, the Lord of the Feast is an infantry-murder machine. I dread playing against him and I'm very happy to field him against my foes! He's a big part of my anti-infantry strategies in Baldur2's Theme Force as I want Baldur casting more Roots of the Earth and Rock Wall rather than Crevasse. Reach, a semi-Thresher like ability, and a teleport, who could ask for more?

The Lord of the Feast needs a dip yet so he's not complete. That's why the bone looks so flat. The dip shades that just the way I really enjoy, so I'm going to be doing that this week.
Finishing this model puts me at 22 models for the year so far. This is an excellent start for me and a trend I hope will last for a long time!

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