Thursday, January 5, 2012

January Errata 2012

Privateer Press released their latest errata in time for convention season starting with Templecon. There were a bunch of changes that I'll list below that affect quite a bit of the game. A lot of groaning is being suffered by players who ran Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast because her feat Fate Weaver can no longer target any battle engines, friendly or enemy.

The full errata can be downloaded here:

I didn't list Side Step as it is an old errata, it just got placed on models that have it that are new.

So, the list of changes:
Prime and Primal
p. 28. Game Terms.
Add the following sentence to the end of the third paragraph:
If you take control of an enemy trooper, it acts as an independent model while it is under your control.

p. 48. Actions.
In the last sentence of the first paragraph, change “cannot move” to “cannot advance.”

p. 55. Double-Hand Throw.
Add the following after the second sentence of the third paragraph:
In either case, the direction must be away from the attacker as with other throw power attacks.

pp . 55–56. Trample.
Replace the first sentence of the third paragraph with the following:
After the warjack has finished its trample movement, it makes a melee attack against each small-based model through which it moved during this movement.

p. 57. Concealment and Cover.
Add the following after the second sentence of the first paragraph:
A terrain feature obscures the base of a target model if you can draw a line from any part of the attacker’s volume to any part of the target model’s volume and that line passes through that terrain feature. In order to benefit from concealment or cover, the model must be within 1˝ of the terrain feature along that straight line.

p. 63. Knockdown.
In the second sentence, change “cannot move” to “cannot advance.”

Primal Only
pp . 68–69. Continuous Effects.
Replace the first icon in the Corrosion entry with the Continuous Effect: Corrosion icon.
Replace the first icon in the Fire entry with the Continuous Effect: Fire icon. Replace the last icon in the Fire entry with the Immunity: Fire icon.

p. 16. Facing & Line of Sight.
Replace the last sentence with the following:
If any part of a model’s base is on the line separating the left and right fields of fire it is considered to be in both fields of fire.

Gallant. Open Fist.
(Apply only to the card. The WARMACHINE: Wrath entry is correct).
Add the Open Fist icon to Gallant’s Open Fist.

Triumph. Sub-type.
(Apply only to the card. The WARMACHINE: Wrath entry is correct).
Delete the word “Defender” from Triumph’s sub-type line.

Long Gunner Infantry Officer & Standard. Standard Bearer.
(Apply only to the card. The Forces of WARMACHINE: Cygnar entry is correct).
The Standard Bearer has a sword with POW 3 (P+S 7).

Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast. Fate Weaver.
Replace the second sentence of Fate Weaver with the following:
For each damage point she suffers, one large-based or smaller model currently in her control area can be affected by Fate Weaver.

Wraith Engine. Unhallowed.
(Apply only to the card. The WARMACHINE: Wrath entry is correct).
Replace the text of Unhallowed with the following:
While another friendly Faction model is Incorporeal and in this model’s command range, the other friendly Faction model gains +2 ARM and does not suffer blast damage.

Retribution of Scyrah
Discordia. Imprint: Kinetic Field.
Replace the second sentence of Imprint: Kinetic Field with the following:
This model gains +2 ARM against ranged attacks and does not suffer blast damage. While within 3˝ of this model, friendly models gain +2 ARM against ranged attacks and do not suffer blast damage. Kinetic Field lasts for one round.

Madrak Ironhide, World Ender. Grim Salvation.
Replace the first sentence of Grim Salvation with the following:
When this model would be damaged by an enemy melee or ranged attack, it does not suffer the damage and effects triggered by taking damage from the attack.

Rök. Field Allowance.
(Apply only to the HORDES: Domination entry. The card is correct).
Change FA U to FA C.

Trollkin Skinner. Base size.
The Trollkin Skinner has a medium base.

Legion of Everblight
Throne of Everblight . Fearless.
Add Fearless to Throne of Everblight.

Bloody Barnabas. Blood Boon.
Replace the phrase “without spending focus” with “without spending fury.”

Feralgeist. Spirit Bind.
Replace the fourth sentence of Spirit Bind with the following:
Remove this model from the table. The warbeast’s controller can reave fury points on the warbeast. Fury points that are not reaved are removed.

Just because, Privateer Press' copyright on this:
Contents and Game Rules ©2001–2012 Privateer Press Inc. All Rights Reserved. Privateer Press®, WARMACHINE®, Cygnar, Khador, Cryx, Protectorate of Menoth, Protectorate, Retribution of Scyrah,
Retribution, HORDES, Trollbloods, Trollblood, Circle Orboros, Circle, Legion of Everblight, Legion, Skorne, warcaster, warjack, warbeast, and all associated logos and slogans are trademarks of Privateer Press, Inc.
Permission is hereby granted to photocopy and retain electronic copies. Any such duplications shall be intended solely for noncommercial use and must maintain all copyrights, trademarks, or other
notices contained therein or preserve all marks associated thereof. Privateer Press reserves the right to remove this permission or revise contents herein at any time for any reason.

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