Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Battle Report: Circle Orboros vs. Cryx

I got to play another game with Baldur the Stonesoul against PG_MrRuffles (Brian). He's been playing Cryx for the last while now and he was gracious enough to give me a game at 50 points. I got to break out Baldur2's Theme Force at the level I've been wanting.

I ran the following version of Hour of Reckoning:
Baldur the Stonesoul
* Megalith
* Woldwarden
* Woldwatcher
* Woldwyrd
Celestial Fulcrum
Druids of Orboros w/Overseer
Shifting Stones w/Stone Keeper
Shifting Stones
Lord of the Feast

Brian ran this:
Goreshade the Bastard
* Reaper
* Slayer
Bloodgorgers (10)
Mechanithralls (10) w/1 Brute Thrall
Mechanithralls (6)
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
Satyxis Raiders (10) w/Sea Witch
Withershadow Combine
Gorman di Wulfe, Rogue Alchemist
Pistol Wraith
Skarlock Thrall
Warwitch Siren

I didn't take any pictures until the very end, after I had already assassinated Goreshade. I'm a little annoyed with myself about this because I think they help show the Battle Report much better than just words alone.

Terrain had a ruin on the far left side from me with a forest in the center leftside. In the center of the board was a hill and a forest in the center right in front of my deployment zone. To the right were two walls with a building between them. The picture at the end will better show this!

Brian won the roll to go first. He deployed the Bloodgorgers and Pistol Wraith on the left. Going across the center from my left to right was the Reaper, Mechanithralls w/Brute (with Necrosurgeons behind), Slayer, Goreshade and Deathwalker, Skarlock, and the other Mechanithrall unit. He advance deployed the Satyxis Raiders in front of the Bloodgorgers.

I deployed my Celestial Fulcrum centrally because of Advance Move and due to not knowing how he'd deploy. To its left I deployed my Woldwarden and to its right I deployed Baldur, Megalith, and the Woldwyrd. The Shifting Stones w/Stone Keeper and Lord of the Feast get deployed on the left to deal with the Satyxis and Bloodgorgers. The Woldwatcher goes in the center to hold the line, the other Shifting Stones 5" in front of Baldur to teleport him forward, and the Druids on the far right to hold the flank.

Turn 1:
Brian - He runs everything forward. He did cast Shadowmancer with Goreshade.
Travis - I use the Lord of the Feast to charge into the Satyxis Raiders he moved forward, using a corpse counter from one of the Satyxis to use the raven to get farther into the unit. They make their command checks. The Stone Keeper uses his magic AOE attack to kill the Sea Witch. The Fulcrum also shot at the Satyxis and end up causing a massive casualty check which they fail. Everything else advances forward with Counter Magic and Roots being cast a lot.

Turn 2:
Brian - Runs everything into very close range casting Mageblight to cancel a lot of my spellcasting. Baldur is in the spell area. Gorman di Wulfe tries to kill the Lord of the Feast and does only 2 damage. The Satyxis fail to pass their command check.
Travis - Lord of the Feast murders a bunch of Bloodgorgers and Gorman before teleporting into the Mechanithralls and Necrosurgeons. A lot of the Mechanithralls in the center die to Crevasse from a Woldwarden after it backed out of Mageblight. The Druids of Orboros backed out too and Devoured 5 of the other Mechanithralls as well. Baldur retreats back 4 inches out of Mageblight, feats and places a Rock Wall in front of himself while within a Shifting Stone unit.

Turn 3:
Brian - The Reaper charges the Lord of the Feast and kills him dead. The remaining Mechanithralls w/Brute charge the Woldwryd and almost kill it (4 life left). The Warwitch Siren manages to get a venom off from outside the Counter Magic zone and kills two Druids. Nothing else really has range to attack anything. The Slayer moved up within 2" of Goreshade. Goreshade also feated bringing his Bane Thralls into play but they didn't do anything. Goreshade also recast Mageblight.
Travis - I sacrifice my Woldwyrd to free strikes to allow the Fulcrum to kill the Mechanithralls. This allows my Woldwarden to charge the Slayer for free. I boosted all three attacks rolls to Chain Attack: Smite the Slayer across Goreshade. The Shifting Stones teleport Baldur to within 2" of Goreshade. Baldur starts attacking, Goreshade dies.
Final setup
I still feel that this list really needs the Gallows Groves to allow Baldur to cast Crevasse where he needs to. I felt I really had to work to get the spell off. I was really happy however that I was able to handle all the infantry thrown at me in this match. It was a good test of a small model count versus a much larger count (21 models vs. 53 models).

Baldur's Theme Force also has a lot of counters and abilities to handle a wide variety of lists. I look forward to more test games.

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