Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Minuteman Preview

Privateer has given us the Minuteman model on their website. I think the model looks awesome and is pretty much spot on from what I expected. I really don't want to face many of these guys in the game though because they pack such an awesome punch and are highly maneuverable. I hope some of my locals play them so I don't have to face them only in a tournament.


  1. I'm waiting for these guys. I have a Kraye list in mind that is just waiting for a couple of these guys. It probably won't work out quite as well as I hope, but it will always be fun playing them.

    1. No, just no. ;) Cygnar does not need Light Cavalry Minutemen...

  2. Hey, I barely play Cygnar, but I think a Kraye theme list with some Hunters and some Minutemen just seems fun. It would have a problem with heavy jacks though, and I imagine a Karchev list would give it a real problem.