Friday, January 6, 2012

Skorne Venator Slinger Model Preview

PP released the Venator Slingers today. The models look pretty nice. There are only 4 sculpts in the 10-man unit, but Privateer has continued the trend of releasing all 10 models of a unit in one box. They aren't too expensive for $50 US either.

For a 4/6 cost unit, I think they are really nice against Cryx, Constructs, and other armies with non-living models. A range 10, POW 10 with 3d6 damage against non-living can do quite a bit of damage on a direct hit. Warjacks and Undead traditionally have a lower Defense, allowing them to hit harder. With Hexeris2 and his spell Black Spot, you can get quite a few models with these guys for cheap! Arcing fire can easily allow you to hit the back lines of someone's army too.

1 comment:

  1. I think that these guys will be pretty good with Rasheth, as they will allow him to do something against non-living models.