Monday, January 9, 2012

Painted Baldur the Stonesoul

As part of the recent Wold painting, I've painted Baldur the Stonesoul in preparation of playing his Theme Force at 50 points at Tier 4. I've avoided the original color scheme in that I wanted all of Baldur's armor to be stone rather than a mixture of stone and metal. I like the look a lot more.
Baldur Front
Baldur Back
Baldur and his pack of Wolds
To play Baldur the Stonesoul, I've decided on the following list:
  • Baldur the Stonesoul
    • Megalith
    • Woldwarden
    • Woldwatcher
    • Woldwyrd
  • Celestial Fulcrum
  • Druids of Orboros
    • Druid of Orboros Overseer
  • Gallows Grove
  • Gallows Grove
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Shifting Stones
    • Stone Keeper
This list satisfies Tier 4, giving the Gallows Groves and Shifting Stones up to 20" deployment, Advance Move on the Celestial Fulcrum, and heavy warbeasts get +2 SPD during my first turn, and cheaper light warbeasts. I like this list because it has options against heavies, lights, and troops. Very few Theme Forces offer options like that, so I really like it when they do.

In this list, I do have some options. The main two right now are changing the Woldwarden to a Wold Guardian to give more of a punch and/or changing the Gallows Groves for another Shifting Stone unit. The main reason for the second choice is because the Gallows Groves haven't been released yet and I want to play fully painted soon.

Let me know what you think of the list!

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