Sunday, July 24, 2011

Unbound Game 1

Brian (Pook) and I played the start of an Unbound game on 7/23. I was rather proud that both of us had a majority of our models painted. Both of us were only 11 models short on each side from being fully painted.

Playing Unbound for the first time proved a few things to me. First, it is not for the faint of heart. Playing 150 points to a side is a ton of models and can take all day. We went into it expecting to play until 7 PM after starting at 12 PM.  We only played until 3 PM, finishing 1 round and 2 turns of the next round. Part of the problem was me having to help other players at the store out constantly during the game. This brings me to the second point, be prepared to spend all day focused on this event, otherwise, you won't finish. Just setting up your turns and deciding on what to do takes a while. Models block each other in ways that you just don't expect. Third: know your faction. Every time you have to look at your cards is time you could have been making your moves. I need to spend some more time memorizing my own models' stats and I'll feel much better playing this again.

I learned some other things while playing this game as well. 1, don't block your Wraith Engine from going anywhere. It did nothing except provide +2 ARM to Wraith Witch Deneghra on Round 2 and I wanted more out of it. It was my mistake each time, so I learned to not block its path. 2, don't take free strikes unless you are 100% sure you should be taking them. 3, use Satyxis Raiders to jam my opponent on their side of the table. Being stuck on the middle line sucked.

My Unbound list was this:
150+15 points, 73 models
Wraith Witch Deneghra  +6 points
* 2x Defiler  5 points each
* Nightmare  10 points
* Ripjaw  5 points
* Skarlock Thrall  2 points
Master Necrotech Mortenebra  +4 points
* Deryliss
* Deathjack  12 points
* Harrower  10 points
* Seether  9 points
* Stalker  4 points
Witch Coven of Garlghast  +5 points
* Egregore
* Defiler  5 points
* Harrower  10 points
* Malice  9 points
* Ripjaw  5 points
* Stalker  4 points
* Skarlock Thrall  2 points
10 Bane Knights  10 points
Bane Lord Tartarus  4 points
10 Bane Thralls  8 points
* Bane Thrall Officer & Standard  3 points
Darragh Wrathe  4 points
10 Mechanithralls  5 points
* 3 Brute Thralls  3 points
Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls  2 points
3x Pistol Wraith  3 points each
3x Warwitch Siren  2 points each
Withershadow Combine  5 points
Wraith Engine  9 points

Here are some pictures of our game, in order of turns. I will try to break them up as best I can.
Cryx Deployment:
 Skorne Deployment:
Round 1 Turns 1 and 2:
Round 1 Turns 3 and 4:
Round 1 Turns 5 and 6:
Round 1 Turns 7 and 8 didn't have anything but the repositioning of 3 solos, so we didn't take photos of it.
Round 2 Turns 1 and 2:
Overhead View:

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