Sunday, July 17, 2011

SR2011 Tournament

Yesterday I hosted a SR2011 tournament. We had 7 players, 5 local and 2 from Madison. One of the locals played in this as his first tournament, which was really cool. The prize for first place in this event was a Battle Engine of their choice, even the upcoming ones.

The tournament was only going to run for 4 rounds, no matter the number of players, but because we didn't break 8, only 3 rounds were needed. Scenario wins placed a player higher that Strength of Schedule in this event, which is why the player who faced the top player in the final round took 3rd, not 2nd. I forgot to put Finals Tables in the rules for the event and I don't change things after people have come to events...

We played Capture the Flag, Overrun, and Command and Control. One player won Overrun by scenario and another won Command and Control by scenario.

Here's the final results:
1st - Fool - Minions - 3/0 (Won the Retribution Battle Engine)
2nd - Adam - Cryx - 2/1 with 1 scenario win
3rd - Andy - Legion - 2/1
4th - Brian G. - Cryx - 2/1
5th - Brian C. - Skorne - 1/2 with 1 scenario win
6th - Danny - Circle - 1/2
7th - Nate - Cygnar - 1/2
8th - Bye - No one - 0/3

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