Saturday, July 9, 2011

Terrain Work - Trenches, Part 3

When I left you last time, I had only finished planking 2 of the 19 trenches. I just finished 3 more. Here's the photo of them.

I also finished cutting all the rises in the pink insulation foam for the remained 14 trenches. Now, I just need to plank them all. I'm fairly sure I'll need to hit Michael's again for more 1/16" inch planking because I'm burning through my stockpile.
I'm really liking the way these are coming out and I can't wait to have them all done. They'll look really nice with a painted army in them.


  1. I agree. I can't wait to see how these turn out.

  2. They look nice so far. I keep waffling between making trenches like those, or making an actual trench board, with the trenches cut down into the foam. I think the board would look better, but these would prove to be much more useful.

  3. The biggest issue I have with the trench board is that once you've played on it two or three times, you know every measurement of those trenches. By keeping them somewhat modular, you can retain playability.

  4. That was going to be my plan - making a series of 2'x2' trench sections, and swapping them around. I'll probably not do it, or at least not make it unless I start playing more game systems where premeasuring is allowed.