Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Succubus Preview

Among all the Khador previews yesterday, Privateer gave us something Legion has been waiting for since Domination came out, the Succubus.

As Legion's warlock attachment, this model is pretty neat. It actually looks like it fills the base pretty well and is really tall. That might be the reason for its $16.99USD price tag. It isn't in the realm of worrisome yet, just a bit expensive until we see the part breakdown. I'm sure the model is probably 5+ parts.

My only criticism of the model is I wish 3 of the arms weren't straight with locked elbows. The posing on the arms could have been more like the artwork (which I loved) with her casting a spell with the lower arms. I might have to mod one of the three I plan on getting to do this.

I'm hoping for a July/August release of her. That way she'll be available at Gencon.

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