Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reckoner Chassis and Winter Argus Preview

Privateer Press must be insane to give us this many previews in a row! It is madness!
The Reckoner chassis in plastic is one of the warjack kits that has me the most excited. I love my two Reckoners and needed 1 or 2 more and this plastic kit is excellent for them. I'm really impressed on how they updated a decent design. These new warjacks look amazing. They have a much greater presence on the table than the old ones by far.
The Castigator just looks 100 times more amazing with the new hoses on the back. It actually looks like those fists can pump out some fire rather than that single hose the old one has.
The Sanctifier just oozes Reclaimer personality while retaining the Reckoner look. I like how the menofix weapon is a lot bulkier than the artwork. It can actually hit stuff and not break it!
The Winter Argus was also previewed. I like the visual difference between the two Argus types and can't wait to get one of these to run. Sprays are so much fun! $14.99 isn't that bad for a medium based model either!

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