Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Madison 6 Pack Event 3 - Rounds 2 and 3

Continuing my battle reports from Round 1, I got to play against Zack and his Trollbloods next for Game 2.
He played:
  • Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia
    • Mulg the Ancient
    • Earthborn Dire Troll
    • Axer
    • Pyre Troll
  • Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (6)
    • Krielstone Stone Scribe Elder
  • Janissa Stonetide
He rolled better and took first turn.

Round 1 Turn 1
He advances everything forward putting Wild Aggression on Mulg. Putting all the rest of the fury into the Krielstone Vault, he prevents corrosion and gives some armor out.

Round 1 Turn 2
I advance forward but not enough to give him a lot of targets. My Satyxis spread out to survive the Earthborn charge. Deathjack gets Admonition, Skarre gets Death Ward. Stalker, Malice, and Satyxis Raider Captain head left (everyone else was central or right) to contest the zone next turn.

Round 2 Turn 1
Everything advances towards the center of the table again with the Pyre Troll stepping into the zone. Rush, Wild Aggression, and feat all go onto the Earthborn Dire Troll to try to use Goad to get to the Deathjack. The Earthborn charges a single Satyxis, kills her, then moves into the Deathjack who moves away due to Admonition. The Earthborn has no more targets and Zack realized his mistake rather quickly.

Round 2 Turn 2
Deathjack gets 3 focus, all spells upkept on targets. Satyxis Raiders charge, using Power Swell, and eliminate 2 Stone Scribes and the Krielstone Bearer, which moves to another model. The rest do a bunch of damage to the Earthborn. The Deathjack finished it off without effort. Malice pulls the Pyre Troll into itself and does a bunch of damage, followed by the Satyxis Raider Captain charge and the Stalker. It dies and gives me a CP. Skarre feats on all the heavy hitting enemy models preventing attacks this turn.

Round 3 Turn 1
With nothing to really do, he tries to kill a bunch of Satyxis with the Stone Scribes, of which he kills one. He advances the Axer into the zone to prevent my scoring.

Round 3 Turn 2
Spells upkept with health, Deathjack gets full focus and Malice gets three. Malice drags the Axer in and doesn't kill it. The Deathjack comes in and finishes it off, casting Admonition back on itself. Satyxis continue to clog his side of the board. Second CP scored.

Round 4 Turn 1
Zack has to contest the zone I control or I win at the end of his turn. Instead, he plans an assassination run. He can get Mulg within 8" of Skarre and try to Primal Shock for the win. Janissa Tectonic Shifts, which I didn't know she could do, to move the Satyxis out of the way. Mulg forces to run, has to take a free strike from 1 Satyxis. I roll double 4's, knocking him down with the whip outside of 8" of Skarre. At that point, it is either run Hoarluk into the zone and lose or just lose to CP. Zack ends turn without Hoarluk in the zone, game over. 3 - 0 CPs.

Game 3:
For game 3, it was possible the tournament ended if the other table with the pair down won, so this was do or die for me. I got to play against Rick with Khador. He played:
  • Vladimir Tzepsci, the Dark Prince
    • Behemoth
    • Beast 09
    • Drago
  • Kayazy Assassins (6)
    • Kayazy Underboss
  • War Dog
He deployed, from left to right, the Behemoth, Drago, Kayazy, Vladimir, War Dog, and Beast 09.
I deployed Satyxis Raiders, Deathjack, Stalker, Nightwretch, and Raider Captain to the left of Skarre (in the center) and Malice to the left.

I won the roll and went first.

Round 1 Turn 1
Advanced the Satyxis Raiders to the centerline with the Sea Witch on the hill. Deathjack hung out behind them with the Captain. Nightwretch and Stalker ran up. Malice ran up. Deathjack got Admonition and Skarre got Death Ward (see a pattern yet? ;) ).

Round 1 Turn 2
Behemoth got two focus into the subcortex, one into the main. Vlad kept the rest. Vlad used Signs and Portents and advanced. Behemoth tramples forward and lobs a shot at the Sea Witch. He hits her and kills her, much to my dismay. He uses his second shot to hit more Satyxis. Everyone else runs up.

Round 2 Turn 1
Spells upkept. Satyxis Raiders charge Drago, the Behemoth, and some of the Kayazy. They do minor damage due to lack of Power Swell but manage to hurt some Kayazy. Raider Captain goes and kills one, Sprinting away afterwards. Deathjack chills out behind the Satyxis, hopefully out of charge range. Malice makes a mistake and Drags Beast 09 in, only to possess him and send him at a Kayazy. This was a bad idea because Beast 09 could just walk to Malice... Whoops.

Round 2 Turn 2
Rick sets up the Behemoth for getting a line on the Deathjack. Kayazy clear the lane as best they can (which they do). Vlad feats, hangs out, and watches the fireworks with Signs and Portents up. Behemoth charges the Deathjack, taking a few free strikes along the way (4 to be precise). The first one hits, does nothing. The second one rolls double 4's, knocking the Behemoth down. The Deathjack is safe. Drago kills some Satyxis and Beast 09 beats up Malice.

Round 3 Turn 1
All spells upkept with health. Deathjack gets 3 focus. Satyxis try to kill remaining Kayazy and kill only 1 (3 left after that). Deathjack goes and kills Behemoth. Skarre feats, protecting herself, Malice, Deathjack, and prevents Vlad and Drago from doing anything.

Round 3 Turn 2
With not being able to do much, Beast 09 moves into the woods to get to Skarre next turn. Vlad moves to contest the zone, putting Blood of Kings up and camping the rest. Drago looks threatening.

Round 4 Turn 1
Spells upkept with health. Deathjack full, Stalker full. Satyxis Raider Captain charges the War Dog, hits him, and Sprints away again. Deathjack power attack Headbutts Vlad, knocking him down. He does a bunch of damage buying a bunch of attacks but can't finish him off. I spend the rest of the turn trying to remove the Stalker from melee to go kill Vlad and fail. Skarre tries to hide as best she can. Malice blocks Beast 09.

Round 4 Turn 2
Vladimir keeps it all, casts Blood of Kings and tenderizes the Stalker. Beast 09 murders the rest of Malice.

Round 5 Turn 1
Upkept all spells with health, Deathjack gets full, Nightwretch gets 2. Nightwretch walks in and headbutts Vlad down. Deathjack then goes to town and kills Vlad. Game over. I get 1 CP at the end.

Patrick beat Jim on the other table and the event was over. I won the tournament, best of Cryx and best of Warmachine. Skarre was awesome all day and the list was a blast to play. All of my opponents were awesome and I had a great time.


  1. Cool write up but just an FYI I am pretty sure you meant Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia (eDoomie) and not Shaman of the Gnarls (pDoomie). I saw the first few lines on iron agenda and was shocked to see someone playing pDoomie but as soon as I saw wild aggression mentioned I knew you meant epic.

    1. Thanks Nog. I did have it wrong. Very much appreciated! Thanks for reading!