Sunday, April 8, 2012

Madison 6 Pack Event 3 - Round 1

On Saturday, April 7th, the PGs from Madison, WI ran the 3rd of 6 linked tournaments. This tournament was a Highlander 35 point event at Misty Mountain. If you aren't aware, the basic Highlander rules are this: you can have 1 unit (with attachments), 1 solo, and as many warjacks/warbeasts as you can fit in your list, with the caveat that you cannot duplicate warjacks or warbeasts. This leads to some very interesting list builds and some warcasters/warlocks you wouldn't normally see in a Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw event. The scenario all day was Close Quarters.

I played the following list for the event:
  • Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast
    • Deathjack
    • Malice
    • Nightwretch
    • Stalker
  • Satyxis Raiders (10)
    • Satyxis Raider Sea Witch
  • Satyxis Raider Captain
I feel that this list has a ton of threats in a small list format as well as providing a lot of utility. In theory, the Deathjack should get two turns of killing heavies without worry while the Stalker can get into position for a 'caster/'lock kill. Malice in general mucks things up and pulls things in to die. Nightwretch's primary goal is delivering Perdition to kill, easy to hit/kill targets. The Satyxis Raiders generally first strike my opponent's army and kill things. The Captain is to kill solos or keep the Satyxis from falling down. In theory, this all makes it painful for my opponents. In practice, it does this very, very well.

Game 1 of the tournament was against Patrick, whom I often face at tournaments. I really enjoy playing against him as we have very decent and fun games.

He brought:
  • Master Tormentor Morghoul
    • Titan Gladiator
    • Titan Sentry
    • Bronzeback Titan
    • Cyclops Shaman
    • Cyclops Brute
  • Paingiver Beast Handlers (6)
  • Agonizer
Patrick's List and Deployment
I won the roll to decide to deploy first which I took. I deployed Skarre centrally with Malice to her left and the Stalker and Nightwretch to her right. The Satyxis were in front of Skarre and Malice with the Deathjack to the right in front of the Nightwretch.

Round 1 Turn 1
I give a focus to each warjacks (the Deathjack gets 1 putting him to 3). The Satyxis run to the center line of the board. All the warjacks run except the Deathjack which charges a model after casting Admonition on himself. Skarre casts Death Ward on herself and charges the Bronzeback.

Round 1 Turn 2
Patrick tries to advance as far forward as he can, but he ends up screwing up his deployment a bit by having issues getting Locker, Rush, and a charge on a model (the two animi with the charge don't work well). He just depends on Locker and Rush and doesn't end up as far forward as he wanted. Everything else either runs or charges forward to the line he's made. Morghoul dumps all the fury into the Agonizer.

Round 2 Turn 1
I allocate 3 focus to the Deathjack, Skarre keeps the rest. She pays two life to upkeep both spells. Satyxis charge the line, utilizing Power Swell. They put a lot of hurt on the Sentry, Shaman, and kill the Bronzeback. Skarre advances, uses Fate Weaver to protect herself and the Deathjack while preventing Morghoul, the Sentry, and the Gladiator from doing much next turn. She also uses Perdition to get the Deathjack to the Gladiator without being affected by Locker and he destroys the Gladiator and a Paingiver.

Round 2 Turn 2
Patrick doesn't have many options this round. All of his heavy hitters can't do anything. His turn boils down to Morghoul casting Admonition on himself and moving over past the Deathjack with Safeguard up. Morghoul also feats this turn. The Agonizer dies to a freestrike trying to prevent the Deathjack from getting any focus. He kills two Satyxis with the Cyclops or Paingivers.

Round 3 Turn 1
Under Morghoul's Feat, I can't allocate focus, so I just left the Deathjack eat the Sentry that's been softened up. The Satyxis keep beating on the other warbeasts.

Round 3 Turn 2
Patrick doesn't have much left at this point. He utilizes his Brute to kill two more Satyxis. Morghoul starts protecting his zone from me.

Round 4 Turn 1
I give more focus to the Deathjack and drop my upkeeps. The Satyxis begin wiping everything else out while the Deathjack kills the Cyclops Brute. At this point, Patrick only has Morghoul left, which I can't really kill due to Admonition. Skarre stays in her zone while Malice, the Nightwretch, and the Stalker block Morghoul from getting to her. I score 1 CP due to controlling a zone.

Round 4 Turn 2
Morghoul upkeeps Admonition and runs into my zone. We both get a CP for controlling each other's zone.

Round 5 Turn 1
I run Skarre into the zone I need to control. I then move Malice into Patrick's zone, denying him another CP. I end turn and win the game 3 CPs to 1 CP.
The End Result with Terrain
I was very happy with how the list worked out. More on my next two games in the upcoming days.

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