Saturday, December 31, 2011

Painted Pendrake, Croak Hunter, and Swamp Gobbers - WIP

Here's my last post for 2011 and one that should be three separate posts! Here are the final four models I've got painted for 2011. They are Viktor Pendrake, a Croak Hunter, and the two man Swamp Gobber team. I'm happy with how they all came out and can't wait to see them dipped.

These 4 models put my total for 2011 to 61 models. My goal for next year was 75, but in light of the last month and a half, I'm raising my goal to 100. I should be able to do it and I've been really enjoying playing fully painted armies on the table.
Swamp Gobber Front
Swamp Gobber Back
Croak Hunter
Viktor Pendrake
These finish up my models for the Journeyman League. I've painted 30 points worth and am quite happy with how my Blindwater Congregation is looking.

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