Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Painted Feralgeists

Here are my 3 Feralgeists for Minions. They were really simple to paint: a wash over Menoth White Highlight and then paint the base details. I have one red, one turquoise, and one green.
The green turned out the best, followed by the turquoise with the red being the worst of the bunch. (Green is in the back).

With these models painted, I've finally hit 270 models painted, which puts me at 13.08% of my collection being painted. I'm very proud to have hit that number. This means that my goal for next year will put me around  16.7% painted if I accomplish it and don't buy more models. I want to plan on painting a model for every one I buy, but I can't really hold myself to that.


  1. Try using the opposite color for washing, as it helps shade it more naturally. For the red one, if you shade with a green wash, you might be more pleased with it.

    They do look pretty great, though!

  2. 270 is a pretty impressive number. I need to get cracking on my collection - mine is only about a third the size of yours, but I have only a couple dozen things completed.