Monday, December 5, 2011

Who's The Boss December 2011

This last weekend I played at the Who's the Boss event at Misty Mountain Games in Madison, WI. The concept of the event was that you make a 50 + 5 warjack/warbeast point list with a minimum 10 points in your battlegroup with no warcaster/warlock. Before each round, you spun the wheel to determine which warcaster/warlock was your leader. You couldn't get your own faction's warcasters/warlocks. It was amusing with some of the combinations (Trollbloods with Stryker1 for example really were INVINCIBLE!).

The list I played was this:
  • Deathjack
  • Nightwretch
  • Bane Lord Tartarus
  • Bane Thralls (10)
    • Bane Thrall Officer & Standard
  • Nyss Hunters (10)
  • Pistol Wraith
  • Saxon Orrik
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Warwitch Siren
  • Withershadow Combine
I felt the list could be helped by any warcaster/warlock because it had an element of each type of combat: warjacks, troopers, melee, ranged, and spellcasting.

I got the following warcasters/warlocks, in order of rounds:
  • Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of Glimmerwood
  • High Executioner Reznik
  • Grayle the Farstrider
  • Feora, Protector of the Flame
I ended up going 3-1 for the day, losing only with Grayle.

I played against Phatasian (John) with Menoth led by Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III on a train table. Phatasian lost because he said "My god is better than your dragon." and then my dice lit up like the 4th of July.
Second round was against Rydiafan (Nathan) with Mercenaries led by Wraith Witch Deneghra. It was a brutal scrum in the middle of the bridge. I only managed to win because I cleared out the 8 models between the Executioner and Wraith Witch Deneghra, killing her in melee after the charge.
Third round I lost to a fun game between Ol' Prisky (John) with Legion led by Tyrant Xerxis. I learned a ton about Xerxis and lost to ranged death from a Ravagore. If I had not made the mistake of leaving a Forsaken alive, I might have pulled it off.
Fourth round was against Chad (I don't know his forum name) with his Trollbloods led by Durgen Madhammer. I managed to clear out his Troll Brick of Death to allow a charge with Feora to Durgen, ending the game.
Here are a bunch of photos of every warcaster/warlock in the game, including the Time Warp warcasters/warlocks from the PP Invitational a few years back (which I wish were in the game because they are really cool). Majortusk (Andy) has done a great job making models for these warcasters/warlocks.
The Wheel of Destiny
The Table of Warcasters/Warlocks
Protectorate of Menoth
Retribution of Scyrah
Circle Orboros
Legion of Everblight
Time Warp/Invitational Warcasters/Warlocks
The Lesser Warlocks/Warcasters

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