Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cygnaran Mechanik & Co.

This Journeyman league has been great for motivation to paint the odds and ends that have been in my basement collecting dust (It is hard for models to mock your lack of motivation from the corner of a basement).
The Chief and his boys
Finally finished these guys after two weeks of trying - its not easy trying to get things done when a 3 year old is literally climbing on you, riding your shoulders while you paint.
The Boss, Thing 1 and Thing 2
My lack of any photography skill aside, I think they turned out alright.  Not quite happy with the Chief's blue turtleneck but I felt he needed something to tie him to my predominantly blue Cygnar scheme.
The lads
These guys were good fun to paint.  I used Thornwood Green, Traitor Green and Battle Dress Green as a base (one colour per gobber) and drybrushed with Hammerfall Khaki to tie them together.  The result was great: subtle variation.  DarkLegacy take note - this may be something you could use on your Fishmen or Gators.
What, ho?
With the league's end fast approaching and the release of the Dystopian Wars scenery my attention has drifted yet again.  Stay tuned for my next post wherein I detail my process for making tabletop boards for the LGS.

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