Friday, May 25, 2012

Stormwall Stats

Jason Martin's insider on Privateer Press' website spoiled the beans for the Cygnar Colossal, the Stormwall. NQ42 has all the rules for the Colossal in it, so pick it up if you want to see all the juicy goodness.

I really like the Stormwall. It isn't overpowered or flashy, but pretty decent for what you get. I'm looking forward to how they change the metagame. It is still hard to kill but not overly hard. It hits like a truck though, doing a whooping P+S 20 on each fist. 4 guns generate 2 + 2d3 shots a turn, which is rather neat. It also has Covering Fire to help protect itself from infantry. I hope each Colossal gets Covering Fire.

I'm not sure on how Sweep works. It seems like it is only one side of the warjack, not both. I was really hoping for both sides, but I am ok with it being only one side. The Power Attacks are nice, but you lose all your ranged attacks to make one which hurts some of the damage output of them.

I'm excited for this to come out so I can play it however!

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