Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Centurion, Avenger, and Hammersmith Previews

Privateer Press put a bunch of goodies out at once! Next they gave us the Centurion chassis in plastic. I was really blown away by the quality and design of these models when I saw them at Adepticon 2012. They looked imposing and awe-inspiring!

The new Centurion is massive! His spear definitely has reach now and that shield makes it so he can actually hide behind it! All in all, a great warjack! I really don't want to paint my old one now!

The Avenger looks great, just like the art from Wrath. I can see building this model as well as using it in some conversions to a Stormclad.

Last but not least, the Hammersmith really looks like he can beat someone back and clobber them into the ground! This is exactly what I wanted from that model.

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