Monday, March 21, 2011

Painted Hierophant

For the next part of the of my painting challenge for the Mayhem Cup, I painted my Hierophant model.  It was a very interesting model to paint because I had to add more red that I am used to for an emphasis on the model  I think it turned out very well.  He'll be getting the dip along with the Errants when they are done.
As you can see in the background, my Errants are on the painting block, getting their coat of Sanguine Base red/purple/maroon.  Here's an image of them.
I am still working on the Vassal Mechanik I need, but I figured painting something else would be a lot of fun too.


  1. Nice and clean. Do you prime in Gray?

  2. Not always. I did for a few models, but I really prefer to prime in black because it makes the models darker. 2 of my Errants (the UA) are black primed, I want to see which comes out better in this batch.