Sunday, March 13, 2011

Battle Report: 50 Point Game vs. Cryx

 I played against one of my local players, Bryan M.  We rolled off for scenario and got Close Quarters.  The scenarion has two 8" diameter circles, one on Bryan's side and one on my side.  The objective was to control the opposite side's circle by having only your models in it.  This scenario forces you across the table.

Bryan's Cryxian Horde
  • Pirate Queen Skarre +6
    • Deathripper 4
    • Deathripper 4
    • Reaper 7
    • Seether 9
    • Seether 9
  • Bile Thralls (6) 5
  • Bloat Thrall 2
  • Bloat Thrall 2
  • Mechanithralls (10)5
    • Brute Thrall (1) 1
  • Mechanithralls (10) 5
  • Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls 2
  • Scrap Thralls (3) 1

 Mayhem Severius List
  • Grand Scrutator Severius +6
    • Blessing of Vengeance 7
    • Reckoner 8
    • Hierophant 2
  • Avatar of Menoth
  • Choir of Menoth (4) 2
  • Eiryss, Angel of Retribution 3
  • Exemplar Errants (10) 8
    • Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard 2
  • Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord 2
  • The Covenant of Menoth 2
  • Vassal of Menoth 2
  • Vassal of Menoth 2
  • Visgoth Rhoven & Honor Guard 4
  • Wracks (3) 1
 That's the extent of the photos, as I thought they weren't turning out alright even though they were... Whoops.

The game starts with Bryan winning the roll. He gives one focus to all the warjacks, with everything in his army running towards me except for Skarre.  Skarre cast Ritual Sacrifice on one of the Scrap Thralls.  She gets 5 focus from it.

During my turn, the Avatar gets 3 focus from his ability and Severius allocated 3 focus to the Reckoner.  The Reckoner starts the turn by Assaulting a Deathripper, boosting and missing the shot.  Errants move up a little bit, hanging out in the woods.  Avatar uses his Gaze of Menoth ability and runs near the Reckoner.  The Hierophant uses his ability to make one of Severius' spells cost 1 less.  Blessing of Vengeance advances.  Severius takes a focus from a Wrack, causing it to explode and hurting the Reckoner that was too close for 1 point of damage.  Severius casts Defender's Ward (+2 ARM and DEF) on the Errants and Eye of Menoth (+1 to Hit and Damage on all rolls in Severius' Control Area).  Rhupert Carvolo moves forward and gives Tough to the Errants.  The Covenent of Menoth stays near Severius and uses its ability to prevent spells from being cast within 10" of it.  The Vassal of Menoth uses Ancillary Attack granted the Reckoner another shot, which it takes at the Deathripper, doing 6 damage to the 3rd column.  The other Vassal Enlivens the Reckoner.  Eiryss shoots the Seether on her side, disrupting it.

With a lot of focus this turn, Skarre gives 1 to each Deathripper.  Both Deathrippers then run up to my lines.  His Mechanithralls without the Brute Thrall run up to engage my Reckoner and an Errant.  Skarre moves up and casts Blood Rain on a Vassal and 2 Choir members, killing all three.  A Bloat Thrall shoots, missing an attack, and deviates on top of another Choir member, killing him and causing them to fail their command check.  The rest of his army runs up to keep up.

My turn looks bad with his forces up in my face, but it is manageable.  Skarre isn't holding much focus, so she's killable this turn.  2 focus go to the Reckoner, 1 to the Blessing, the Avatar generates 3, and Severius upkeeps Defender's Ward and Eye of Menoth.  Rhoven and Honor Guard kill 2 Mechanithralls blocking the Reckoner and Errant.  Rhupert moves and gives the Choir Fearless, allowing the last member to give the Battle Chant to the Reckoner.  The Errants start lawnmowering through the Mechanithralls (killing 10+ models).  The Reckoner advances, shoots at Skarre, boosting to hit and setting her on fire.  I managed to roll 15 damage, 1 short of killing her outright.  The Avatar then charges a Stitch Thrall, killing it and then attacking a Seether.  Vassal advances, Ancillary Attack on the Reckoner, who misses now by 1.  Blessing of Vengeance runs, taking a free strike from a Mechanithralls to get into Arc Node range of Skarre.  Hierophant gives Severius 1 cost reduction on his spell again, then Severius goes.  He casts Immolation at Skarre, using Blessing's Affinity, boosting to hit, boosting damage, killing Skarre.  Game over.

Things I've learned.  Always leave lanes open for Blessing of Vengeance to get into Arc Node position.  Take more photos even if I don't think they are turning out, they make the Battle Reports 1000x times better.

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  1. Man, tracking dice rolls is the one thing I simply can't do. Good on you for doing that!