Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Captain Farilor & Standard Bearer Preview

Privateer has released a photo of Captain Farilor & Standard Bearer. I'm really excited to play with this UA as it adds a lot of flexibility to the Legionnaire unit. The models seem nicely modeled as well, with Farilor screaming/standing in defiance and the Standard Bearer looking neat with its pretty standard. They need to come out soon.

$23 is a little shocking to me, but it isn't really out of line. I'd have to look at other UAs that are Character models to compare the prices too.


  1. $23 is not terribly absurd for these models, as $12 is pretty standard for an infantry model that includes a fair amount of metal (look at warcasters), and with the standard, it's downright reasonable. Also the fact that the UA is 3 points and it's very reasonable compared to Trollkin Runeshapers which are $41 for 4 points.

    1. Very true. That does seem more than reasonable, I just didn't have any prices infront of me to compare to (most of Privateer is blocked for me currently).

      Thank you for the enlightenment.