Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Artificer General Nemo and Storm Chaser Adept Finch

So, Privateer Press has given us our first look at the new epic Warcasters from Colossals, Nemo and Finch. We've seen the concept artwork (which was awesome!) and now we get to see the models.

First off, these models are amazing. Nemo has received one of the coolest epic models, now he's got an awesome second epic model and assistant. His resculpt was fantastic. This model falls in line with how cool Nemo really is. I'm very happy to have been designing an army around running Nemo. If (and when) I play Cygnar, it'll be some form of Nemo.

Secondly, he's the brilliant mind behind the new Colossal. That's freaking awesome. That's the project Darius and Nemo were working on in the storyline. He's leading the industry of Immoren's most technologically advanced country and rocking the house with it!
I can't wait for him to come out. The new Cygnar stuff will definitely get me to play them.


  1. This is fantastic news!
    I too am building a Nemo-led force (all Lightning!), and I haven't yet picked up a Nemo. I think I'm going to wait and get him, or this duo if that's how it's sold.
    Wicked. This might even help me with a timeframe for finishing the rest of the army.

  2. thanks for sharing.