Sunday, February 6, 2011

Painted Cankerworm

This model was the only unpainted model I used in the last battle report and it made me realize that I could paint it within a day or two if I worked on it.  So I did.  This is the finished product.  The base came with the model, I did not custom make it (I wish I was that talented).  I used a total of 10 colors on this model: Thamar Black, Necrotite Green, Molten Bronze, Pig Iron, Blighted Gold, and 'Jack Bone on the main part of the Cankerworm.  I used Rhulic Gold, Brass Balls, Battlefield Brown, and Bloodstone with Pig Iron, Molten Bronze, and 'Jack Bone on the base.  I used an Armor Wash on the model, which is really a black wash.  I'm quite happy with the model and think he goes really well with the Lich Lord Asphyxious model I painted last.
 Last but not least, Asphyxious and his creation, together fully painted at last!

The big criticism I have for myself is that I don't highlight enough and the skulls on both models really need a highlight.

You can see the inspiration I used at Privateer Press' Gallery of Cryx Warjacks.


  1. All my figure drawing classes involved the following critique. Push the darks and lights.
    Contrast is king. Also if you want better critiques, take a picture with a white backdrop in sunlight.

  2. A white-box is going to be one of my first purchases now that I'm doing this. I need one to take better photographs.

  3. You don't even really need a box. Just a couple pieces of paper from the printer works fine.

  4. I haven't tried this (you already know the limits of my DIY skills), but there's a tutorial on Dakka Dakka before you go out and buy things:

  5. There used to be a better one, but I think that website is gone now.

  6. You can get a light box and lights pretty cheap at Think Geek:

    Thanks for the comment about my Kroot on my blog. I added your blog to my links!