Monday, December 10, 2012

Space Wolves

Painted up some Space Wolves for Adepticon; I'm going to be in 2 of the smaller events, Combat Patrol and the Sin of Alacrity.  Here are the first of my Grey Hunters squads.

The guy with the claw and back banner's head was taken from a chaos trooper's trophy spike, which worked out kinda neat as he has a cool claw scrape across his right eye.  Other than that not too many conversions on these guys.

The painting on these guys is pretty splotchy and I'm tempted to go back and try to clean them up.  I primed them black, then gave them a solid once over with the GW black to make sure I had a solid base to work from. Next they were drybrushed heavily with a dark blue/grey (GW Dark Reaper), then lightly drybrushed with a lighter blue/grey (GW Russ Grey).  I was going for speed here but am so dissapointed with the result that I think I will bite the bullet and do a more measured 1st coat in the future.  They look decent from 2 feet away and so are serviceable for now.

Anyway, more to follow: I have a set of Long Fangs (Devastators) and Wolf Guard Terminators coming in next week.

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