Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Previews (Well, An Old One Too!)

I've been quite the slacker since Gencon. I worked a ton at the event and really haven't felt like doing much since. I'm glad to be blogging again though.

Here are the two previews that have come from Privateer Press lately, the Pyre Troll resculpt and Stormguard resculpts, both in plastic!

The new Pyre Troll looks much bigger than the previous sculpt. His fists are the traditional Troll fist, gigantic and mean! I'm looking forward to getting one.
Plastic Stormguard! Very nice! I hope they go together better than the previous models (I hated the bodies being split on most of them). The weapons on all of the models are more forward, making it easier to transport and play with during the game, so that's all a plus. They also look modular enough for us to get Storm Blades in plastic out of them soon too.

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