Friday, June 22, 2012

Converted Phoenix - WIP

Take this as a grain of salt: I'm not a converter. That's what drove me to Warmachine and Hordes first over anything Games Workshop. I hate not having options for each model build and I hate having the scratch sculpt something to work well.

However, Nathan (PG_Rydiafan) convinced me that my second Phoenix had to have a two-handed grip on her sword. I was a bit nervous because the model was plastic and I really didn't have the bits to fix any mixup. The glue and bond time on the plastics from Privateer Press are super short, so if you screw up, it is really hard to change. I'm glad I got it mostly right on the first try.
This is part of my overwhelming project to get all 75 Theme Forces I own assembled and photographed. I had a pile of unassembled models to work through.
First, they were on a shelf.
Then, they all got put into one box and taken to the game store. With the help of Rin and Steve, I got a bunch assembled one night.
After a week, I had this of all the infantry. It is a lot of models.

I'll have all the warjacks done in the next few days. And then, finally, Theme Forces for everyone to see!


  1. I thought I had a sickness...

  2. Holy crap, man, that's amazing (or crazy...or both!)!
    I wish you well in this most wonderful of endeavors! :)