Thursday, November 17, 2011

Journeyman League - Week 1

The Journeyman League started at Hobbytown USA. We have 10 players so far and a bunch of new faces. I'm very excited for this slow grow league and having the new players play more.

In picking a faction, I looked at a few things. I wanted something I didn't already know well. I also wanted something I could paint relatively easily. I also needed to have a relatively fleshed out collection of the models or know that I'd be able to purchase more if needed. After spending some time looking at my collection, it came down to Minions, Farrow vs. Gators. The Minion faction is splintered in the Journeyman League by making you stay within a contract for the entire league, which I'm honestly happy about. In the end, it came down to the number of models to paint and the Blindwater Congregation had less. I'm hoping to get a majority of my 50 models done within the subfaction.

Here's a WIP of the Gatorman Posse unit I'm currently working on.

On Tuesday, I played 3 Battlebox games with the Blindwater "Battlebox". Blindwater doesn't have a traditional Battlebox, but Privateer Press was gracious enough to build one for us. It is Bloody Barnabas, an Ironback Spitter, and a Blackhide Wrastler. Every model has 3 attacks base so everything hits really hard. Between Warpath, Iron Flesh, Swamp Pit and Ornery, there is a lot of spells/animus to cast and utilize. The Battlebox prevents a lot of shooting at my army until I get into charge range.

I ended up playing against Trollbloods (who's Sure Foot spell neuters my feat but my opponent dropped it to try to kill my Wrastler and I punished him for it), Legion (who's shooting I prevented a lot of), and Retribution (who's shooting I also prevented a lot of ). I made some mistakes during my games, but that's why we play. I want to learn how to use this force well. The Ironback Spitter I initially disliked, but I'm finding that it is a really good heavy warbeast that I should pay more attention to.

More thoughts on the Blindwater soon.

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