Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prepping For An Event

A local of mine recently asked about prepping for a tournament in a few weeks. He’s a veteran of the 40k tourney scene, but doesn’t have a baseline for Steamroller and Privateer-type events. After spending a little time talking about it with him, I figured the topic would make some decent posts and a few of my other friends also had interest in what I wrote, so here we are.

The first thing I do for a tournament is to get all of the rules. If you are playing Steamroller, download that packet. Make sure you’ve read it and understand what it is saying. Compare what your event has listed to what is in the packet.
  • A default Steamroller event is 1 list minimum, 2 lists optional. You have to bring at least 1 list, but you don’t have to bring a 2nd.
  • Be aware of character restrictions. You can’t take the same character model in both lists, some events prohibit taking the same character of any version between both lists.
  • Be aware how many times you have to play your lists. Divide and Conquer and X Lists Required will change how many times you need to play each list. X Lists Required means each list once, Divide and Conquer means you have to play each list as close to even as you can. This will force different list builds.
  • Check for a painting requirement. Very few events will require it, but some offer painted prizes/raffles for having lists painted. Find out what the TO plans to do for this. Does it include basing? Do both lists need to be painted? Will players vote? Will the TO decide? Is it random?

After figuring out the event, it is time to list build. Here is a small, but not comprehensive, list of things to consider while building your lists.
  • Can you handle multiple high ARM models?
  • Can you handle multiple high DEF models?
  • Can you handle Purification/Hex Blast/Lamentation?
  • Can you handle Stealth?
  • Can you handle Immunities (Fire/Corrosion/Lightning) and general attack immunities?
  • Can you contest a zone/flag/objective?
  • Can you handle rough terrain (either physical terrain or Rifts/Inhospitable Ground)?
  • Can your list handle ranged superiority? AOE spam?
Matchup dependent considerations:
  • Can you handle Asphyxious2? Deneghra2? Skarre2?
  • Can you handle Kreoss1? Harbinger?
  • Can you handle Haley2? Haley1? Caine2?
  • Can you handle Kromac? Morvahna2? Kreuger2?
  • Can you handle Saeryn? Vayl2? Lylyth2? Vayl1?
  • Can you handle Molik Karn? Makeda2? Makeda3? Zaal?
You can’t answer all of those questions in two lists. You do need to know which of your lists have hard counters against them. When building your list, figure out what it is good at, and then decide to make your second to shore up any weaknesses in the first. Be careful not to duplicate weaknesses between both lists, as this will lead to a hard-counter matchup that you’ll have a very hard time beating.

Make sure to know which scenarios are easy to win. By knowing these, you’ll run into less issues of not being able to play a game due to your opponent winning scenario by turn 3. Also be aware of which scenarios have Killbox.

With both lists in hand, it is time to pack for the event. Here are the things I bring.
  • Models for both lists, including models that get created in the game (extra Thralls, extra warjacks, etc).
  • Tokens for effects/abilities/focus/fury
  • Enough dice (preferably two different colors, 1 of off color, 5 of normal)
  • Pen/Pencil (for marking your tournament sheet)
  • Cards for both lists (War Room and tablet if that)
  • Spray/AOE/Rings/Acrylic templates
  • Laser
  • Carrying tray

I personally find it really useful to mark your front arcs on models. During the event, you’ll really cut down on free strike issues with the marks.

This isn't comprehensive, but it does give you a good basis to start from.

Feel free to ask questions.

One of the biggest things you should do is build lists you enjoy and have fun with. You'll get trounced the first few events you go to, but playing fun lists and things you enjoy will make the experience that much better. You don't need to win to have fun. Just have fun playing and getting to know new people. You'll learn so much in your first few events that it would be a waste to be grumpy and a downer to everyone around you.

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