Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stay on Target...

Damnation if I haven't just gone ahead and ditched all my goals for this month.  I just got in all of my special order Vallejo paints and decided today was the day I assembled some Flame of War  It didn't help that my son has been playing with my 15mm WWII stuff lately (this practice is not discouaraged, BTW). Without further adieu, GI's!

I am pretty happy with the way that they turned out, and downright ecstatic that I was able to keep them limited to an 8 color palette. Less is more when it comes to small scale figs, I guess.
I'm loving these Vallejo dropper bottles, by the way. I'm seriously thinking about phasing out all my other paints for Vallejo.  Maybe I'll just try to find empty dropper bottles to put my GW and P3 paints in.

1 comment:

  1. 1) Flames of War looks really awesome, and I fully intend to introduce my sons (and interested daughters) to the game as a homeschooling history project. When I have kids, of course.

    2) Vallejo is much better. I like GW for basecoats because it's so thick, and it adds a bit more heaviness to Vallejo if I need it, but generally, the Vallejo spreads so much better and is a generally far easier paint to use. And the mixing bottles are just money. Makes life way easier.