Sunday, May 12, 2013

Armored Sentinel

Finally got something done up from all the sweet loot I got at Adepticon: the 1st of 2 armored sentinels.  Stuck to a standard Cadian scheme.  This puppy took me 6 beers to paint, or about 3.5 hours, however you want to count it.
 I tried a new approach for urban rubble bases, hopefully you can see it in the pictures. Basically I cut ~1" plasticard tiles and glued them onto the base, then sprinkled my sand mix over it in random spots.  I like the way it turned out.  I hope to eventually make an urban themed table in the next 6 months to match all my 40k bases.
 Did I mention these things are $30 a piece? Ridiculous for a 70 point model.  Oh well, I scored my 2 for only $10 bucks a piece.  Adepticon is full of deals if you know where to look.

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