Monday, March 4, 2013

Painted Rask

Rask is a pretty cool model. So many paint schemes can be applied to him that make him look awesome. You can easily find skins of Murlocs from World of Warcraft to place onto him and he'd look great. I went for something very similar to the base scheme from Privateer Press. Took only 2ish hours to paint, pretty happy to have him done.

At this point, I'm 75% of the way done with the Minion warlocks. I have Strum & Drang and Midas left to do for warlocks. I still have Lug and Skarath to paint for the Lesser Warlocks, but I'm not worrying about them until after Adepticon.

My plan for Rask's theme force is to paint two units in his scheme, one unit in the default Privateer Press scheme, and a fourth unit in a different scheme I don't have yet. The two units in Rask's scheme will be his personal enforcers and they'll ambush more often than not. The unit in Privateer's scheme will be Rask's bodyguards, the Bog Trogs he doesn't trust. They get the benefit of dying for Rask. The fourth is really up for debate on how it plays, but should be fun. That is, if I can finish the first unit...

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