Friday, January 18, 2013

Kraken, Bit By Bit.

For the last week now, I've been working on getting my Kraken fully painted so I can play it. I'm really excited to use it more with Asphyxious the Hellbringer but also with Warwitch Deneghra and Pirate Queen Skarre. The Kraken has so many uses and is really versatile in its operation. I'd like to get more playtime with it, but it needs to get painted before it can see any table time (new rule this year).

To paint it, I kept the Kraken in 4 parts. I had the legs, the body, and the two claws separate. The body prevents me from getting to some angles on the legs and the legs prevents the same to the body. The claws/arms prevent access to both. It was just easier to have everything separate and paint it that way. It is a lot lighter as well.

I primed the legs black and got to work. Primary colors on the entire model were Blighted Gold, Pig Iron, 'Jack Bone, Gnarls Green, and Necrotite Green. I'll be applying a black wash to the Pig Iron at the end of the model.
After finishing the legs, I placed the body onto the legs to see which areas will get covered by the legs and painted that first. My torso piece actually stuck onto my legs well enough that I didn't have to glue it to have it stay on and was able to flip the model completely upside down. I could still pull it off to access the hard to reach areas, but this meant that after I had finished the front area, I wouldn't need to hold onto the torso anymore and wouldn't wipe paint off the model.
Once the front facing area was done, I was able to work on the rest of the hull.
After that, I've worked on the smokestacks and the back area of the model.
With these parts finished, I just have to work on painting the rivets, getting that armor wash down, and getting the arms painted and attached. This model is a ton of fun to paint with some very nice detail.

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