Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GW Feva'

Been banging out a bunch of GW stuff lately, mostly inspired by my aquisition of Space Hulk (original 1989 version Baby!). I figured, what the hey, might as well give 40K one more shot.

I've painted up almost all of the Dark Vengeance Dark Angels by now, here is the Tactical Squad in all of its original black badassery:
I think their plasma weapons turned out quite nice.
The Dark Angels are nice because they have iconography moulded onto the model itself, which speeds things up considerably. I have just recently figured out how to get a flat decal onto a rounded shoulderpad, so now the Ultramarines are fair game as well.

I used to like these guys when I was a little boy, so I don't really care if they get a lot of hate.
Finally I have the genestealers. Stole these two from Hugo to test out color schemes. I'm not so sure you can see the blue grey one so well, I really need to work on my camera work.

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