Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Painted Stormwall

For a league running at my LGS, I've been playing Cygnar. The main reason for this was the Stormwall. I was very excited to see this model come out and really wanted to play it. I've played 6 gaems with it so far at small points value. It hasn't been game breaking yet but I know a few of my opponents have complained because they took lists that couldn't fight it. That happens, but so far the Stormwall hasn't absolutely destroyed my opponents yet. :) That'll change now that it is painted.


  1. Yeah, I'm torn between the Stormwall and Conquest.

    What color is your Cygnar, anyway? It's blending into the desk.

    1. It is orange with white. All of it washed with Devlan Mud.