Thursday, February 16, 2012

Painted Lich Lord Venethrax and Cryxian Collective

Hello again,

I just finished working on Lich Lord Venethrax instead of working on models I need for my next tournament. ;) However, finishing Venethrax did accomplish another part of a goal for the year along with Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast. I now have 2 more warcaster/warlocks to finish before the year is out. I'm sure I'll paint more than that, but 5 it is. Kaya the Wildbourne and Magnus the Traitor are the last ones that need to be painted.

By completing Venethrax, I've finished every Cryxian warcaster currently released. It feels pretty good to have all of a single faction's warcasters/warlocks done. I'm also currently 35 of 118 of completed warcasters/warlocks. I look forward to getting more done.
Here's some Venethrax shots:
And the Cryxian Collective:


  1. Nice work! Will you use the same basing scheme on him as you've used on your other casters?

    1. Probably. I like to base a lot of models at once, that's why they really haven't been done in awhile.