Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This last Memorial Day Weekend I decided to assemble some models and play a game.

This is a photo of all the models I assembled this weekend while hanging out with my best friend Rin.

The list is:
  • 2 Arcantrik Force Generators
  • 2 Heavy Rifle Teams
  • 2 Destor Thanes
  • 5 Dawnguard Destors
  • 2 House Shyeel Artificers
  • 6 Farrow Slaughterhousers
I also assembled two new carrying cases for my Retribution models, bringing me up to 4 cases.

I finished the week before the SR2010 zones for Privateer Press.  Here is the photo of all the zones.
I also played a game against Brian and Danny on Memorial Day.  It was 70 points of Retribution vs. 35 points of each Circle Orboros and Skorne.  Adeptis Rahn and Dawnlord Vyros were victorious (barely) against Lord Assassin Morghoul and Krueger the Stormwrath.  I barely won because when I killed Krueger, I lost Rahn.  But, Morghoul couldn't kill Rahn without exposing himself, so I almost killed him with Vyros.  I got really lucky and my last model, a Mage Hunter Assassin, managed to hit DEF 17 Morghoul on a charge and kill him.  I had a great time against them.

Circle and Skorne Deployment
Retribution Deployment
End Game

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